Marian Chase Illegal Physician Database Scam
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Marian Chase Illegal Physician Database Scam

A woman named Marian Chase tries to sell information about health care providers and doctors.

from Marian Chase <>



date Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 3:38 AM

subject [ 2iwtw8zlymfh12o9] : Canadian Business Email List

hide details 3:38 AM (16 hours ago)

As requested, below is pricing for all our lists only until this Friday:

note: all lists are optin and were updated within the last 6 months


Any Individual list below $115 ea OR 2 for $199

-> Complete US Physicians Database

-> Chiropractic Doctors in the USA

-> American Holistic Medicine Providers/Clinics

-> General Dentists in the USA

-> Dentists with Specialties

-> American Veterinarians & Veterinary Clinics

-> US Hospitals

-> Nursing Homes int the US

-> Pharmaceutical Company Employees

-> Physical/Occupational Therapy Clinics and Therapists in the US

-> Oncology Physicians in the US

-> US Surgery Centers

-> Massage Therapists/Therapy Clinics in America

-> Acupuncturists/clinics in the US

-> Medical Equipment Suppliers(USA)

-> Mental Health Counselors (USA)

-> Optometrists/Clinics (USA)

-> Psychologists (USA)


Take any individual list below for just $135 each

-> Hotels in the USA

-> Realtors in the USA

-> USA Business Database

-> Manufacturer Database (USA)

-> Financial Planner Database (USA)

-> Finance & Professionals Database (USA)

-> Insurance Agents (USA)

-> Canadian Businesses

-> United Kingdom Business Database

-> Media Outlet Contacts (USA)


$89 each

-> USA Consumer Database

-> Credit Inquiries Database (USA)

-> American Homeowners


$125 each

-> USA Lawyers Database

-> Criminal Attorneys in the US

Reply to this address for numbers and samples:

please email


Fraud E-mail Information Link

You can submit fraudulent e-mail information to the FBI, but their primary concern is when money has actually been stolen. The real key is to make sure that fraudulent messages are publicly visible so that other users do not become ensnared in the online jungle. If you have been sent a fraudulent message, please forward it to before deleting it! You can help reduce fraud and increase public awareness by doing so.

If possible, please also include the message data including time sent and address received from. You do not have to include your e-mail address, but keep in mind that if you do, it will be published. Thanks for your participation!

Consumer advisory: For those requesting information, please find details about our ongoing litigation against Mark Mazza, Patrick Williams, and PromoCodeWatch, LLC.
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