Southern Sudan Mulondo Herbal Penis Enlargement
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Southern Sudan Mulondo Herbal Penis Enlargement

A penis enlargement scam hawking strange herbs.



date Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 12:24 PM


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Relationship -Herbal Penis Enlargement to the Rescue

It is the greatest tragedy in your relationship if your girl friend or wife is not satisfied sexually. The disaster with this is that she will look for the satisfaction somewhere else. Sometimes your wife or girl friend will look for satisfaction in the most unfortunate places with the most disappointing people. She does all this all in the name of a quick fix. She can no longer take it, she has to get the satisfaction.

The biggest problem is if your penis is small and it does not touch those places that she wants reached. Every time you have sex you do not offer her anything, on the contrary you simply trigger more hunkering for more sex.

A True Story of how an Unsatisfied Wife Operates

Let tell you a true story. In some neck of the woods there was a rich man. He was involved in big business and was therefore hardly at home due to work requirements.

One day he showed up at home hardly an hour after leaving in the morning. The home was unusually quiet. On a normal day the gardener and the maid would be busy working around the house and the wife would be doing her own small pieces of work in the house. On this day the maid was absent and the gardener was not in the yard as usual. He got into the house and to his dismay the gardener and the wife where busy in bed that early morning.

This shocked him to the core. A gardener of all people! He thought. But, that is what lack of satisfaction brings about. This can be any one, it can be you.

Introducing the 'Mulondo' Herb

Let me introduce to you the "mulondo herb". This herb grows in and around East Africa and Southern Sudan. This herb has been used in these parts of East Africa since time immemorial. This herb is given to boy children as part of their diet as from the age of two. It makes part of their diet until when they are teenagers. You will be shocked at the size of the penises of the people in this part of the world. In fact small penises are seriously frowned at.

The "mulondo" herb works by stimulating tissue growth and regeneration. Every time these boys get an erection their tissues tear and regenerate and the penis grows by a few inches. This happens every morning. Every morning a boy wakes up with an erection and this process takes place. This lead to the penis grow bigger and longer constantly.

The 'Mulondo' works for all Ages

This process can happen to any one even the old people. The "mulondo" herb can help your tissues tear and regenerate leading to your penis gaining a few inches. This will lead to a gradual growth of your penis, in not time you will see a marked difference in your penis within a short time. This process works even faster with grown up people because they actually use their penises often. When you get an erection and you use the penis and you are on the "mulondo" treatment the penis keeps on tearing and regenerating. It keeps on becoming long and bigger during this process. In no time your partner will see a difference in your penis size and she will be satisfied with your performance.

Do you need the 'Mulondo' for your Penis Growth

Do you need the "mulondo" herb? Do you want to satisfy your partner. Do you want to avoid nasty surprises? I can give you the herb any time you want it. For more information visit;


Contact: +27 73 691 4019


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If possible, please also include the message data including time sent and address received from. You do not have to include your e-mail address, but keep in mind that if you do, it will be published. Thanks for your participation!

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John Assmuncherson

Hello I have learned of great penis enlargement effects for my boyfriends penis and will be needing many infos. Please email me with any offers or news regarding penises!

hey Dustin is the above article by Dr. Jafar true or a rip off ? reply

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