Submit Your Fraudulent E-mail Messages
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Submit Your Fraudulent E-mail Messages

Most people want to throw scam messages away, but you can help others by submitting your scams to Info HQ or forwarding them to!

Have you ever received a fraudulent e-mail message? Has anyone ever told you that they have a massive fortune of 5.9, 11.2, 20.5, or other large amount of millions of Euros, Dollars, or Pounds waiting to be spent, and they need your bank account information to do it? Undoubtedly, no one has ever received the millions that these messages promise, but quite a few have been scammed out of the hundreds or thousands of dollars in real currency residing in their bank accounts.

Without a mainframe, a tracking group, and a tactical team assembled in an FBI-style organization, not to mention millions of dollars in funding, we are unlikely to ever be able to track down internet scammers and bring them to justice. But, the information superhighway provides an obvious alternative, because while scammers use the internet to spread their malicious games and fraudulent messages, anti-scammers can also use the resource to archive this data, log it, and spread the word about this type of scam.

Info HQ is one site dedicated to beating the scammers at their own game. On the site, hundreds of fraudulent messages have been logged and archived into message links in order to provide internet surfers a resource so that they can see how certain scams have been bandied about the internet.

The site is a work in progress. On the home page, the site's purpose is described, and a content submission form is also provided (the form points to, where users can submit scams they have received). Future plans include a scam email directory or block list from which users can quickly search to see if their fraudster is included, and a secondary website which includes scams that others have received.

The basic format of the fraud archive is evidenced by this scam archive link. Each scam archive link has a cluster of five scam emails including the sender data. On Info HQ, these scams are the bulk of the site, and all were personally received by the author. At the time of publication, nine Scam Archive links were available, but new links are constantly being added with a database that contains over 500 e-mails!

If you have received an internet scam, wait to delete it! You can help the gullible of those among us by submitting your received scam to the Info HQ submission form or forwarding it to You can also satisfy your own curiosity by seeing what types of scams are out there. Enjoy!

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